Fluoxymesterone, (Halotestin), 100 tabs / 5 mg, Genesis



Buy Fluoxymesterone Tablets (Halotestin), 100 tabs / 5 mg, Genesis for 99 €

In bodybuilding Fluoxymesterone Genesis is used near the end of cutting cycles, since in people with an already low body-fat percentage it adds a distinct hardness and definition to the look, although, as stated, better and safer products will achieve similar effects. As with these alternatives Fluoxymesterone Genesis has absolutely zero estrogenic activity and will thus not add water or fat to the frame in any way.

While a definite increase in aggressiveness and a notable rise in erythrropoesis is noticed with the use of Fluoxymesterone Genesis, it has been theorized that it actually has very moderate binding to the androgen receptor. Either that or it shows a higher affinity for other receptors. The enzyme aromatase comes to mind because of the effect it has, like a DHT compound would, on muscle hardness. The latter seems like a better explanation. On the one hand there is nothing that would immediately indicate it acting on the androgen receptor, on the other there is very good likeness to other steroids that are mostly AR-mediated. Its my best guess that not all has been said about Fluoxymesterone Genesis. Its not a very interesting or grateful object of study however due to the high risk and low yield of this particular steroid.

Athletes that may consider its use are endurance athletes that do not get drug tested (as it is quite easy to detect). The stimulating effect on erythropoesis (red blood cell production) and cell respiration, such an athlete would find a good use for the increase in aerobic capacity noticed for this, without adding unnecessary bodyweight to the frame he has to carry. In this aspect it may be good to note that a short cycle of Fluoxymesterone with a moderately long cycle of Equipoise may have some merit in this instance. Neither would increase water retention drastically, neither would give explosive gains. But both have positive effects on the VO2 max.

In any case, and whatever the reason of use, 4 weeks is the best duration of use, 6 weeks at the most. As stated before, many athletes, having usedFluoxymesterone Genesis while not under supervision of a physician, have ended up in the hospital with life-threatening conditions.

Buy Fluoxymesterone Tablets (Halotestin), 100 tabs / 5 mg, Genesis for 99 €

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