Anavar, (Oxandrolone), 50tabs/10mg, Hubei



Buy Anavar Tablets (Oxandrolone) 50tabs/10mg, Hubei - 32€

While far from being the strongest (in terms of anabolic effects) steroid out there, Anavar Hubei is no doubt the safest one to use. In fact, this drug is commonly used in children for treatment of various diseases. There is even little use of ancillary medicaments when taking Anavar. This steroid doesn’t aromatize, and estrogenic side-effects are virtually non-existent. Androgenic side-effects of oxandrolone are so mild, that it is commonly used to treat medical conditions in women. This is why Anavar Tablets (Oxandrolone) is very popular with women athletes. Most importantly, Anavar has very limited effects on HPTA (hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis) meaning it will not stop your natural testosterone production unless used for very long period. Of course, one cannot expect huge mass-gains with this drug, but this is still a decent anabolic steroid and especially beginners will find it very useful. Advanced bodybuilders stack Anavar with variety of other steroids, of which boldenone, Primobolan and testosterone propionate are probably the most common options.

Safety: Anavar Tablets (Oxandrolone) is mildly liver-toxic. This shouldn’t be of great concern if used in normal cycles, but one has to be aware that even such a safe steroid must be used prudently and with necessary caution.

Keeping: Stock Anavar (Oxandrolone) in the box these pills came in, compactly stopped up, and out of getting of kids. Store Anavar (Oxandrolone) at room temperature and away from additionaly heat and wetness . Throw away any Anavar that is outdated or no more utilizing. Discuss to your specialist about the suitable disposal of your pills.

Buy Anavar Tablets (Oxandrolone) 50tabs/10mg, Hubei - 32€

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